The Three Pillars of Wealth

Expense Management

Expense management habits are the starting point. Efforts to increase income and invest are futile without expense management competence.


Use compound growth to build long term wealth. I educate on index funds, asset allocation, taxes and tax sheltered accounts (Canada only).

Increase Income

Increase the value you provide to individuals or organizations to increase your income and fulfillment.

  • Invest in your knowledge, skills and habits to improve your ability to solve problems. You are paid in proportion to the difficulty of the problems that you solve.
  • Understand the difference between scalable and non-scalable income.
  • Improve investment income from Pillar 2.
  • Understand the progressive tax system to ensure tax efficiency of income sources.
  • Develop a “Side Hustle” to diversify and increase income streams. Online tutoring is one of many possible side hustles.
The Three Pillars of Wealth Build Upon Discipline
The Three Pillars of Wealth Infographic