The Three Pillars of Wealth

Expense Management

Efforts to increase income and invest are futile if you can't control spending.


Use compound growth to build long term wealth. Learn about index funds, risk, asset allocation, taxes and Canadian tax sheltered accounts.

Increase Income

Increase your ability to solve problems for others, to boost income and wellbeing.

  • Learn about forced savings to manage your money with maximum simplicity.
  • Shelter, Transport and Food account for over 50% of US and Canadian spending. Spend efforts here. 
  • Understand low-cost Index Funds. They statistically outperform stock selection and professional mutual fund managers. 
  • Use the TFSA, RRSP and taxable account for my investments to maximize after-tax wealth. Use this calculator.
  • Understand the difference between scalable and non-scalable income.
  • Improve investment income from Pillar 2.

The Personal Finance Formula

The Personal Finance Formula

Core Concepts & Values

A few core concepts and values are laced into the three pillars of wealth. Concepts apply across a variety of personal finance situations.

That’s great because personal finance is personal


Core Personal Finance Concepts