Index Investing

The evidence and theory make one thing clear. Total-market stock and bond index funds maximize returns for a given level of risk. 

Due to their low cost and diversification, total market stock and bond index funds beat over 80% of actively managed mutual funds (see data). 

Understand Stock Index Funds

Understand the evidence and theory in support of index investing.

Assess Your Risk Tolerance, Find Your Asset Allocation

People who build wealth successfully invest in a stock/bond mix that is aligned with their unique risk tolerance.

How To Invest In Index Funds For Canadians

An ultimate guide for investing in stock and bond index funds for Canadians.

Index Investing: Critical Concepts

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Understand the efficient market hypothesis to see why it's so hard to beat the market.

The Power of Diversification

Learn how diversification reduces risk without sacrificing returns.

Understand Investment Risk

Learn about the risk associated with a diversified (index) portfolio stocks, bonds and cash.

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