Financial Wellness Events In Ontario

Do you want to increase workforce productivity? 

Financial wellness can provide a significant ROI. 

Bar chart showing money stress in Canada for persons under age 55 in 2022

With custom-targeted ads, credit card tap, and one-click ordering, expense management is more challenging than ever. 

Jake Furlan, BEng, MBA, AFCC®

Hi, I’m Jake. I help people eliminate financial stress to improve their capacity. I reach over 10,000 people per month with educational content. 

Picture of Jake, Founder of Wealthy Corner

I would love to visit your organization and deliver a wellness event. 

Book a Financial Wellness Event

Please provide a brief outline of your ideal event, including the following:

  • Approximate group size
  • Duration of the workshop or speaking engagement
  • Location

I will work with you to curate a workshop or speaking engagement for the unique needs of your workforce.

Speaking Engagements

One to three hour custom delivered presentation, including question periods after each topic.

Price includes consulting time, custom speech design, and travel/meals in the GTA or Ottawa. Subtract $400 for virtual events. 

Starting at $1,450  


Interactive activity-based workshops ideal for groups of 8 – 20 people. A learn-do-review approach optimizes learning outcomes.

Price includes consulting time, custom designed activities and travel/meals for on-site visits in the GTA or Ottawa.  Subtract $400 for virtual events. 

Starting at $1,850


Workshop Topics

I can cover the following topics: 

    • Debt management
    • Investing
    • Psychology of Spending
    • Cashflow management (i.e. budgeting)
    • Financial Goal Setting