Financial Coaching

It’s estimated that 30% to 40% of US wealth inequality is attributed to differences in financial knowledge (Lusardi et al., 2017).

People who invest in financial education have more freedom and less stress.

No one cares about your money more than you do. 

Need help assessing the debt pay-down vs. invest decision?

Want to minimize tax losses through use of the TFSA, RRSP and RESP?

Do you want to set and meet your future goals?

Do you want peace of mind in the face of market volatility?

I help you invest in your financial education to reduce financial stress and improve freedom. 

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What I Can Help You Do

Expense Management

  • Track monthly cashflows (income and expenses). Build a plan to spend money in the best possible way.
  • Determine the best budget for you, including the zero based budget, a forced savings approach. 
  • Build a spending plan to use your money deliberately to achieve goals.
  • Set a debt paydown plan and build an emergency fund to reduce stress.
  • Identify unhealthy spending patterns, and get spending under control.  

Goal Setting and Execution

  • Understand the new FHSA to save for a down payment (first-time home buyers only). 


  • Learn about investing fundamentals, including compound growth, opportunity cost and long-run historical stock/bond returns. 
  • Define your risk tolerance based on unique factors such as your goal time horizon, income stability, pension plans and how well you sleep at night in the face of loss. 
  • Control your exposure to investment risk by selecting the appropriate asset allocations (stocks/bond mix) based on risk tolerance. 
  • Understand DIY investment options, maximize risk-adjusted returns and reduce fees skimmed off by the financial services industry. This naturally leads to an index investing approach

What I Don't Do

  • Recommend specific investment securities. 
  • Make financial decisions for you. 
  • Buy or sell securities on your behalf.  
  • Underwrite insurance or recommend specific insurance products. 
  • Provide coaching regarding wills, trusts, bankruptcy or divorce finances.

3 Key Wealth Building Stages

stage 1: Assess Cashflow

Assess expenses and compare them against income. Sustain a gap between income and expenses – the foundation to build wealth. 

stage 2: Pay Down Debt an Build An emergency fund

Use savings from stage 1 to pay down debt and build an emergency fund to provide peace of mind.  

stage 3: Learn about investing basics

Learn about investing basics. Limit fees paid to the financial services sector and pay less tax on investment income.  

Focus Areas

Save for specific milestones

Use sinking funds to save for upcoming milestones and smooth expenses. 

Buying a house vs renting

Eliminate money stress by reaching this stage. Use progress in Stage 1 to pay down debt and build an emergency fund. 

stage 3: Learn about investing basics

Learn about investing basics so that you can make informed decisions.