I have directly observed the financial struggles for the demographic just initiating their careers (18-24 years old). I’ve seen their financial issues impact career progression, close relationships, and happiness.

The data is alarming: Finances are the #1 source of stress in the U.S and Canada, exceeding health-related stress, job stress, and relationship stress. Surveys show that 59% of Americans and 53% of Canadians live paycheck to paycheck.

So don’t feel bad if you don’t understand money concepts. It’s normal. Most of us didn’t learn about money in school. Plus our culture rewards destructive money behaviors, leading to broke people living extravagant lives.

We live in the most prosperous times in human history. I believe that education and guidance can empower you to achieve financial health and grow wealth. This will improve your freedom. Freedom to focus on the important things in life.

About Jake

Hi, I’m Jake.

I’m a frugal 28-year-old Canadian. I save and invest over 50% of my income while maintaining a fulfilling lifestyle.

Apart from personal finance, I love fitness – weight lifting, mountain biking, and road cycling. In addition, am an avid non-fiction reader, and am passionate about helping others learn. Wealthy Corner is a way for me to bring these passions together to help improve the lives of others.

I have a full-time career as an Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. As a leader, human behavior fascinates me. Naturally, this spills over into personal finance.

I hold an MBA from the Royal Military College of Canada and an undergrad in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University. My time in engineering motivates my first-principles approach, where key principles can be applied to various unique situations. It also helped me make spreadsheets.

I firmly believe in practicing what you preach, so you won’t find content on Wealthy Corner which I do not embrace personally. Enjoy.